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icon-add    11180 State Bridge Rd Ste. 203
        Alpharetta, GA 30022
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icon-add    Phone: 509-386-5348

        Fax: 509-526-7748

Welcome to ACHI Association, USA

For A Cause – We have a purpose in this world. One of them is to help each other. We take this principle to heart and it exemplifies itself in our works. Contributing positively to the lives of others starts here.


ACHI Association, USA is a non-profit and charitable organization engaged in a global humanitarian program by enhancing quality of life through provision of electricity, education, health, and portable water supply.

Our fight for better living conditions revolves around the following causes:

  • We want to give the youth a bright future through education.
  • We want to build schools so that the younger generations can also maximize their potential to be contributing members of the community.
  • We support families and communities in accessing available resources to alleviate living conditions. This includes access to water, health supplies, health care and other basic life needs.
  • We encourage adult members of the community to maintain stable livelihoods in order to support the members of their families.
  • We want to unite different groups of people. Together, a unified effort to make better living circumstances for everyone – this is what we need to realize our goals.

The organization invites you to participate by donating, volunteering or being an advocate for our mission. The smallest help you can give will go a long way.