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        Alpharetta, GA 30022
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icon-add    Phone: 509-386-5348

        Fax: 509-526-7748

Mission and Vision


Our Mission is to make visible efforts and enact realistic projects to save lives, reform education, rebuild communities, create livelihoods and bring hope to the needy citizens of Nigeria.


We bring help to villages, families and communities in Nigeria, serving the poor and underprivileged. Our programs are a product of our vision to improve their lives and living conditions.

  • Environment – We encourage planting of trees, recycling and reusing of resources.
  • Education – We help build facilities and school systems which will provide for equal opportunities for children to get educated.
  • Health – We dedicate a generous portion of our funds to medical missions. We conduct free clinics and distribute medical supplies.
  • Livelihood – We travel from village to village and teach skills that will enable families to a stable source of income.